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Summer Slam 4V4

The Game

-Game length will be 25 minutes with no halftime

-3 games guaranteed, more if advancing to playoffs

-There will be a girl's bracket and a boy's bracket when possible; you may enter as a co-ed team which will automatically place you into the boy's division. Divisions will be:  U8 & U9,   U10 & U11,   U12 & U13,   U14 & U15,   U16 & U17,   U18 &19.  In the event of not enough teams in a specific division, we will combine divisions/brackets as best as possible.

-No Goalkeepers

-The offside rule does not apply

-No headers for U11 and below (results in indirect kick)

-There is no build-out line

-There will be no foul language allowed.

Team Size 

All teams participating in the tournament are allowed a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 players. A player can only play on one team in the tournament. Players who attempt to play on more than one team will be removed from the tournament. The teams of that player also risk forfeiture.  Teams will be placed in the division based on the oldest player on the team (Ex: a team of four U16, U16, U17, and U18 will be placed into the U18 bracket.)

Tournament Schedule 

The tournament is a one-day format. Each team will play a minimum of three games with qualifying teams advancing to post-group play. Teams must be prepared to play any time between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

Game Scheduling

All teams are obligated to play all games as scheduled. NO scheduling changes will be made, except those approved by the Tournament Director. Failure to play any game as scheduled will result in a forfeit of the scheduled match by the team unable to fulfill their obligation. All matches will begin on time except when delayed by the previous game. There is no grace period. All teams are expected to report to the proper playing field a minimum of 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start of their match. Any team unable to field a minimum of two players at the appointed start time will forfeit the match. The referee shall determine a team’s preparedness at the scheduled start time. Forfeiture shall be declared to each team and reported to the Tournament Director. 


Staff members and volunteers of Champions FC will serve as referees. One referee will be available at each field. All decisions of the referee are final. There are no protests and no appeals. Please be kind to them since they are volunteering their time. Our volunteer referees have the ability to suspend a game and or player for foul language and/or unsuitable behavior.

Tournament Director 

The tournament director is the final authority on all matters pertaining to the tournament. All decisions are final. There are no protests and no appeals. The Tournament Director may appoint authorized persons to assist with tournament operations as needed. 


Each team U13 and below will need ONE parent designated as a coach/facilitator to be on the players’ side during the matches, to ensure a smooth transition for subs and gameplay. No parent/coach is necessary for U16 and above

Separation of Teams and Spectators 

Players and Coaches will set up on one side of the field and spectators will watch from the other side. 


-Size 4 or 5 balls (by age group)

-4’x6’ Goals

-20x30yds Fields

-Shinguards are mandatory

-Closed-toe footwear is mandatory; cleats are optional.

-No jewelry

-In the event of cold weather, pinnies/jerseys should be worn as the outer layer to differentiate teams

-Casts must be covered and padded appropriately. The decision for approval will be left to the tournament director.

Uniforms and Game Balls 

All teams shall wear the same color shirt of their choosing. Champions FC will provide pinnies as needed. Game balls will be provided by Champions FC


-If the ball goes out of play, restarts will be taken as a kick from the spot where the ball went out

-If the ball goes out for a goal kick, it is to be passed into play from in front of the goal

-Corner kicks are as normal

-Free kicks are all indirect

-No penalty kicks

-Substitutions when the ball goes out, with permission of ref/staff member 

-No use of hands. “Intentional/deliberate” use of hands is a handball

-No slide tackling (results indirect kick)

-No goal can be scored on a kickoff

-When a goal is scored, the resulting kickoff will be taken from in front of the goal

Format Division 

Alignments are at the discretion of the Tournament Director. All teams are guaranteed a minimum of three games. Division standings will be decided upon the following basis to determine which teams advance to playoffs: The referee will report scores to the staff tent. 

Win = 3 points 

Tie = 1 point

Loss = 0 points

Group Standings and Tie-Breaking Procedures For Advancement

1. Results of head-to-head competition. Disregard if more than two teams are tied.* 

2. Goal differential in all preliminary games. A maximum of 5-goal differential per game will be used. 

3. Least goals allowed in all preliminary games. 

4. Fewest penalty points in all games played (Yellow Card = 1 point, red card = 2 points). 

5. If both teams are still tied after steps 1-4, both teams will precede to an available field, at a time and place determined by the Tournament Director. Here, a penalty kick procedure will be followed to determine a winner. 

6. In instances where ties must be broken to determine seeding but the result does not have a direct impact on the Division championship, a coin flip by the tournament director will be substituted for step 6. *If a three-way tie exists, the tie-breaking rules will be followed in order until one team is eliminated. A two-way tie between the two remaining teams will be decided beginning at step 2. 


Championship Medals will be presented to the 1st place team in each division. Medals will be presented on-site following the conclusion of each championship game. 

Tournament Cancellation Policy 

In the event the tournament is canceled prior to the first game of the day, a makeup date will be provided.

Champions FC reserves the right to deny entry or dismiss any individual displaying or that has displayed inappropriate behavior and/or violating the Code of Conduct.

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